Digital Fabrication and Interactive Applications

Leap Shenzhen VR

Fly over 90's Shenzhen in Virtual Reality and motion device


Small Robots 3d printing large scale structures.

Stigmergic Fibers

Cybernetic assemblage of non-woven strands

Emotional connection of the attractive shape with a single simple and concise space of the urban forum.


Myst Museum Proposal



    The Myst Museum manifests its absence; it is light, floating in the air as a cloud, subtlety aligning with the ground yet framing a cathedral-like space where the light defies materiality.

    The investigation of the project has led to unique and innovative form finding experiments, constructing the model upside down, subjecting an elastic membrane to weights. Finding homogeneous surface tensions, the structure is optimised and can therefore be built as two thin collaborating fibre concrete shells.



    Spartacus alive-international competition-Shortlist07.2013-09.2013


    Team with: Edouard Cabay,Davis Butner



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Currently @Shenzhen

+86 18676393230



Send me a message if you're interested in the projects or have any questions.

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